What Closet Type Should You Choose?

Ventilated Wood

This is a slatted hardwood product. Available in three colors: Natural, White and Mahogany. Both an elevated look and feel, this hardwood product is durable and strong. This product is budget friendly and widely excepted as a high end upgrade with new construction. Since this type of closet material is not adjustable the configurations are slightly more limited then with custom Melamine. If your space requires a simple configuration and you are keeping a close eye on the budget ventilated wood is the way to go! We are able to integrate drawer chests and towers (with limited adjustable shelving) to match the ventilated wood of your choice. We offer 12” and 16” slat wood but also have 12” and 16” solid wood as well.

Q: How long will it take for this type of custom closet install you ask?
A: Timeline from deposit to install is typically 1-4 weeks depending on whether drawers or other custom items have been added.

Custom Melamine Closets

This is a chipped wood that has been thermally fused with laminate to create the furniture grade melamine. Please don’t mistake our melamine with an inferior product (such as you would see in Lowes or Home Depot). MANY laminates are simply glued onto a ½” particle board. Our melamine is ¾” thick and uses pressure, an extremely strong adhesive and heat – all creating the perfect environment for thermal fusion-which means the laminate actually merges to the wood. It’s because of this process that we offer a lifetime warranty that our melamine will never to fade, peel or warp. Our custom Melamine product is very durable and will last a lifetime! All the configurations with our melamine are custom and adjustable. They come in a wide variety of colors and hardware choice- the possibilities are endless! After the initial consult you will receive your 3D rendering via email.

Q: How long for this style custom closet?
A: Timeline from deposit to install is typically 3-5 weeks. A possible exception to this rule is if your unique closet configuration calls for any customization that requires outsourced work, which typically take 1 extra week.

Unique Custom Closets



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