Our garage organization systems let you personalize your garage so that it works seamlessly with the rest of your home. Whether it’s bright and punchy or sleekly urbane, you can get the look you want by making use of our wide range of:

  • Equipment holders
  • Pull Out Shelving
  • Work Benches
  • Sports Racks

The Garage is where form and function really need to work hard. You need durabilty and ease of use. Garages are a flex space and everyone uses them differently. Some are used for outdoor recreational equipment, work space, yard tools, car/bike parts, specialty cars and much more. Your Garage says a lot about you and your interests! If you need help organizing your hobbies and making the Garage a friendly work and storage space call us today! No one can customize a better Garage in Wilmington NC then Unique Custom Closets!

Our custom slat wall stoage moves the mess from scattered on the floor to upright on the wall. This creates more usuable square footage and allows you to see the great space your home acutally has.

Unique Custom Closets



North Carolina